This handbook is about implementing social responsibility into an organization with the use of ISO 26000. How can I use the ISO 26000 standard in an effective way? Which tools are helpful? 

Reference quotes

This handbook was developed in collaboration with NEN, National Standard Body of The Netherlands.
We subscribe the multi-stakeholder importance of social responsibility, that is also emphasized by ISO 26000. Here you will find reference quotes of different stakeholder groups like Industry, Government, NGO’s, Labour.


"Start today with applying ISO 26000 and see how others did this and benefit from their lessons learned"
Ingeborg Boon, Former ISO 26000 Coordinator The Netherlands, NEN
"This is very helpful for anyone who wants to start applying ISO 26000 and wants to learn from inspiring examples"
Dick Hortensius, Senior Consultant NEN (National Standard Body Netherlands)
"The authors did a thorough job, where the result is a guide that makes clear what ISO 26000 can mean in real practice. I hope that it takes away misunderstandings on ISO 26000"
Suzan van der Meij, Coordinator, NGO Platform Netherlands


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