This handbook is about implementing social responsibility into an organization with the use of ISO 26000. How can I use the ISO 26000 standard in an effective way? Which tools are helpful? 


With nine practical cases of industry and government

The handbook describes nine Dutch best practice cases based on a fixed format. We focus on specific parts of the implementation for each case to achieve the broadest possible range of practical examples about the application options of ISO 26000.

Each case starts with a brief description (core of the case), a description of the organization and its mission, vision and SR ambition and an example of an SR icon. These texts have been drawn up by the participating organizations themselves. Next, we discuss ISO 26000. Why did the organization choose ISO 26000? What is the starting point and how did the organization apply ISO 26000? What are the results and learning points?

In our search for ISO 26000 pioneers it was quite hard to find NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that wanted to participate. Unfortunately we were unable to find any in time. All "champions" are now using ISO 26000 for three years and more.

The nine practical cases are:

Organization name Sector Branch # workers
Aa en Maas Government Water treatment and management 444
Ahrend Industry Office furniture and equipment 1,250
Alliander Semi Government Energy grid management 6,044
CSU Industry Cleaning and home care 13,000
Dijkhuis Contracting firm Industry Building and contracting 20
Van Houtum Industry Hygiene paper and washroom solutions 200
De Meerlanden Government dominated Waste management and public areas 350
Nijhuis Pompen Industry Production of pumps 180
PWN Government dominated Drinking water supply and nature conservation 537


"ISO 26000 clarifies and increases SR quality’"
Paul Corton, Former Managing Director, Alliander (Energy grid management)
"This ensures that our SR perspective is transparent towards the outside world and it helps during the dialogue about contradictory interests and when working in partnership"
Marcel Dost, Site Director, Nijhuis Pompen (Production of pumps)
"ISO 26000 serves as a practical guide for the integration of socially responsible behaviour in the strategy, systems, practices and processes of our organization"
Martien den Blanken, Former CEO, PWN (Drinking water supply and nature conservation)


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