This handbook is about implementing social responsibility into an organization with the use of ISO 26000. How can I use the ISO 26000 standard in an effective way? Which tools are helpful? 

Free tools

For the practical application of ISO 26000 we have developed a number of free tools that are both powerful and user-friendly:
  • Issue matrix
  • Stakeholder communication matrix
  • Implementation matrix
  • Step-by-step plan

Issue matrix

The issue matrix is actually an issue/stakeholder/process matrix, but is simply referred to as issue matrix.
In practice, this matrix appears to be the central tool for SR prioritization. The tool also helps gain insight into the connection between relevant SR issues, stakeholder interests and own processes.

The matrix has a twofold objective:
  1. Making the relations between the 37 SR issues and the stakeholders and processes of the organization transparent;
  2. Mapping the relevance, significance and priority of each issue.
Download here the issue matrix

Stakeholder-communication matrix

The stakeholder communication matrix is a tool that displays the SR communication with stakeholders. It enables the organization to obtain an overview of the SR issues and the required communication about those issues with stakeholders. The matrix uses important input from the issue matrix.
The matrix has a twofold objective:
  1. Providing an overview of the SR communication with stakeholders;
  2. Involving the organization and assigning those responsible.

Download here the stakeholder communication matrix

Implementation matrix

The implementation matrix maps important process steps for the
implementation of SR. The tool has been developed because it has been
requested by a number of SR management groups for achieving an overview of
the implementation's coordination.

The matrix has been derived from the step-by-step plan below.

Download here the implementation matrix

Step-by-step plan

NEN, in cooperation with Hans Kröder, created a step-by-step plan to provide an overview of the process steps and actions for SR implementation included in all ISO 26000 subclauses.
This step-by-step plan is in keeping with the guidance of ISO 26000 and does justice to the iterative character of the SR integration process. SR integration is a process of learning and growing, and steps are regularly reconsidered. For example, in order to improve the SR policy or to adjust SR issues.

Download here the Step-by-step plan


"The stakeholder-communication matrix helps to describe who communicates which CSR issues, how and when"
Jos Manders, Former QHSE Coordinator, Van Houtum (now Alpheios)
"ISO 26000 issue-matrix has helped us to improve the priorities of our environmental aspects"
Gerard Raaymakers, QHSE Manager Sint Oedenrode, Ahrend
"The SR discussion has become structured and streamlined thanks to the use of an issue matrix that defines ten SR issues with a high priority. We felt that we covered the entire field and quickly reached a consensus."
Piet Veel, Former Nature and Recreation Sector Manager, PWN:


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