This handbook is about implementing social responsibility into an organization with the use of ISO 26000. How can I use the ISO 26000 standard in an effective way? Which tools are helpful? 


The authors Hans Kröder and Pierre Hupperts have unique expertise and experience with the integrated approach of social responsibility according to the guidance of ISO 26000.

Hans Kröder

Hans Kröder is International Sustainability Expert. He was directly involved at the original drafting of the ISO 26000 standard. He was global representative of one of the six stakeholder groups, named: Service Support Research and Others (SSRO). In September 2012 he published an ISO 26000 handbook for small and medium sized organizations: “Sustainable profit for SMEs, A useful step-by-step plan with ISO 26000”. Visit: Since 2009 Hans Kröder has guided more than 60 organizations (national and international) in a variety of branches with the application of ISO 26000. Since October 2018 he is Vice Cahir for the ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network. For more information:

"This handbook and its tools will help you to apply ISO 26000 more easy and effective"


Pierre Hupperts

Pierre Hupperts is an expert in the field of social responsibility (SR). He has been involved in CSR and sustainability issues for twentyfive years. He started his career at Oxfam Novib and was a board member at The Body Shop Benelux in the 1990s. Pierre has been an independent consultant since 1999 and in 2010 he became a partner of The Terrace, a company that specializes in strategy and marketing of sustainability and SR. He has written several books on SR and works as a key lecturer and coordinator of SR education at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Pierre is an inspirational speaker and chairman during SR meetings. For more information:

"This book encourages the practical use of Iso 26000 as a great tool to set-up and organize your CSR strategy and policy"


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